whisky guide

How to drink whisky

It's a common misconception that drinking whisky is governed by a code of invisible rules. But when treated with respect, whisky is dedicated and loyal to those who drink it, no matter how you like it. Whisky neat, whisky with water or ice or a whisky cocktail: there’s a whisky variation for every occasion.

Whisky with water

Drop a dash or splash of water into your whisky to unlock new flavours.

Whisky mixers

Mix your whisky with Haig Club favourites like ginger ale or cola for a simple and refreshing highball. Try a Haig Clubhouse Soda, a Clubman and cola or a Haig Club Ginger Apple.

Whisky on the rocks with a twist

This is whisky poured over some ice with a small piece of lemon or lime peel. Other fruits work fine too.