whisky guide

Food pairing

Whisky and food. Why not? Forget what you think you know when it comes to the art of eating and drinking, it's not just wine that gets to have all the fun. The light yet multi-faceted flavour of Haig Club makes it a great whisky to enjoy with all sorts of food. Feast your eyes on our top pairings below.

Whisky and seafood

The subtle woody flavour of Haig Club make serving it with fish dishes a match made in heaven. Opt for a light cocktail like Haig Club with Ginger Ale with oily fishes like tuna.

Whisky and cured meats

The salty and sweet flavour of cured meats like Parma ham or Jamón Serrano compliment the notes of vanilla and dried fruit in Haig Club. Wrap around breadsticks for a tasty aperitif snack and serve with a Clubman and Cola.

Whisky and olives

Whether you're a fan of the humble jarred olives or prefer the more extravagant stuffed and exotic types, the brine and saltiness of olives compliments your pre-dinner Haig Club New Old Fashioned perfectly.

Whisky and chocolate

The vanilla and butterscotch notes in Haig Club combined with a rich dark chocolate treat will make dessert your favourite part of the meal. For bonus points, chill your Haig Club for for a cold kick with each sip.