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How to Drink Whisky | Haig Club

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How to drink whisky

It's a common misconception that the world of whisky is governed by a code of invisible rules. But when treated with respect, whisky is dedicated and loyal to those who drink it, no matter how you like it.

There are no rules

Like your whisky neat? That's great. Prefer it in a cocktail? Sounds good to us.


Neat refers to whisky served on its own. No ice. No water.

With Water

Drop a dash or splash of water into your whisky to unlock new flavours.


Chill your whisky with a bit of ice.


Mix your whisky with Haig Club favourites like ginger ale or cola for a simple and refreshing drink.


Dress your Haig Club up in a cocktail. For ideas, see our recipes page



Tasting And Flavour

Discover the different flavour notes of whisky from our tasting cues...

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Food Pairings

Haig Club is a great whisky to enjoy with all sorts of food, explore some suggestions...

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Whisky Facts

Whisky is rich in history and interesting facts, discover some of our favourites...

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