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Haig Club Clubman

Haig Club Clubman inherits the same bold and progressive spirit as Haig Club Icon - designed to be different, stylish and modern whilst incorporating nearly 400 years of House of Haig heritage. The inspiration for the name can be found in advertising materials dating back to the 1920s, in which Haig was advertised as "The Clubman's Whisky".

Haig Club Clubman is matured exclusively in American ex-bourbon casks, allowing the sweet, gentle Single Grain Scotch Whisky from Cameronbridge to interact with the vanilla, butterscotch and sweet toffee flavours found in the ex-bourbon casks. The result is a wonderfully smooth, sweet and enjoyable whisky.

Haig Club Clubman is delicious straight-up, or on the rocks, although the perfect way to enjoy this Scotch Whisky is with cola. The sweet, vanilla and coconut flavours combine perfectly with the sweet caramel of cola, creating an approachable and delicious drink, which is refreshing in taste and perfect in its simplicity. If you already love Scotch then you'll enjoy this combination of flavours and if you're new to Scotch this is the ideal introduction.

Make Your Own Rules

Join David Beckham and friends and learn that when it comes to Haig Club Clubman you make your own rules.


Behind The Scenes

Enjoy a sneak peak behind the scenes on Haig Club's latest television commercial.


Tasting Notes

Light, sweet, vibrant and matured in ex-bourbon American Oak casks, it's a whisky like no other.

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Haig Club Clubman & Cola

Introducing a lively and stylish drink for all occasions.


The Print Campaign

See the results of our incredible Miami shoot.

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Buy Now

Why walk to the shops when you can have a Haig Club Clubman bottle delivered right to your doorstep?



Whisky Guide

Scotch is the world's favourite whisky.
Find out more with our Whisky Guide.

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Cocktail Culture

Whatever your spirit of choice, brush up on your bartending basics with the Haig Club Cocktail Guide.

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Responsible Drinking

When it comes to enjoying Haig Club, it's quality not quantity that is at the heart of everything we do.

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