Signature Whisky| Haig Club

Signature Whisky| Haig Club

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Signature Whisky

Our selection of the finest whisky cocktails, made the old fashioned way. Each one created to reveal a different side to Haig Club. The addition of Vermouth brings out sweet notes, Lapsong Souchong tea to compliment the deeper full flavoured side of Haig, ginger bitters for gentle spice and a date reduction to bring out a rich sweetness. We even reveal a few tricks of the cocktail trade to wow your friends and David Beckham's signature drink, one of the first cocktails created with Haig Club.

New Old Fashioned

A slight variation on a classic cocktail with time spent stirring and diluting the cocktail to perfection.

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Haig Club No.1

A refreshing drink with simple ingredients to bring out the fruitiness and gentle spice of the whisky.

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The Victoria

A contemporary and stylish whisky cocktaill created for the cocktail's namesake: Victoria Beckham.

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Haig Club & Ginger Ale

A simple and fresh drink with an orange garnish that goes perfectly with the outdoors on a summers day.

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Haig Club Ginger Apple

A fresh, crisp drink inspired by autumn but perfect for any time.

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Haig Club Chocolate Manhattan

A twist on a classic drink with the chocolate bitters and garnish adding a little sweetness and depth.

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Haig Clubhouse Soda

The classic whisky and soda combination updated with your choice of aromatic bitters.

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Haig Club Ginger Smoke Stack

The iconic whisky and ginger serve, reinvented with a touch of smoke.

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Haig Club Apple Manhattan

A delicious apple twist on a classic Manhattan.

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Haig Club Port Old Fashioned

Take your Old Fashioned to new depths with the addition of rich and fruity port alongside your whisky.

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Pineapple Whisky Sour

A full flavoured and fresh tropical tasting serve.

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Haig Club Blood and Sand

A classic Scotch Whisky cocktail from the 1920's that's been updated with Haig Club.

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Haig Club Roberto Roy

A Spanish twist on a classic cocktail. Ole.

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Haig Club Peach Manhattan

A sweeter take on a classic old fashioned, with the peach schnapps adding a light, sweet and fruity note.

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Neat or on the rocks

A classic way to take in the subtle, smooth flavour of Haig Club.

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