Clubman Cocktails| Haig Club

Clubman Cocktails| Haig Club

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Simply delicious and easy to create Clubman & Colas.

Clubman and Cola

An accessible, lively & stylish drink for all occasions.

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Clubman Cola Old Fashioned

A modern twist on the Old Fashioned.

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Scotch N' Stormy

A Clubman and Cola for the discerning drinker.

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Clubman Amaro e Cola

The perfect after-dinner drink

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Clubman Winter Spiced Espresso Martini

Dick Bradsell's classic cocktail is given a decadent and delightful Holiday twist.

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Cherry Clubman and Cola

A simple twist on the Haig Club Clubman perfect serve, with the cherry adding a touch of fruity depth.

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Deconstructed Clubman and Cola

The perfect serve deconstructed. A fun way to taste Clubman on its own followed by the perfect partner.

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