Classic With a Twist| Haig Club

Classic With a Twist| Haig Club

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Classics With A Twist

Each well loved cocktail classic has been given a modern Haig's Club twist. Our recipes honour the legendary drinks but use Haig Club to take each cocktail to a whole new level. Espresso Martini decadently swaps vodka for whisky. We add a whole new fruity dimension to the fresh citrus flavours of a Margarita. Haig Club adds a fresh unexpected zing to a Mojito and balances perfectly with the herbal, aromatic flavours of Campari in our Haig Club Negroni. Cin Cin.

Haig Club Espresso Martini

Dick Bradsell's classic cocktail is given a decadent and delightful whisky twist.

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Haig Club Green Tea And Grain

Green tea provides an unusual and delicate accompaniment for the subtle flavour of Haig Club Whisky.

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King of Clubs

A delicious drink combining coffee, cola and the toffee, butterscotch notes of Haig Club.

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Haig Club Negroni

Prepare your palette for dinner with the perfect aperitif cocktail.

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A fresh long drink with some crisp spiciness giving a moscow mule a new Haig Club whisky twist.

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