Perfect Cocktails Recipes | Haig Club

Perfect Cocktails Recipes | Haig Club

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Haig Club Whisky Cocktails

From our easy to mix Clubman drinks to our rich and delicious Haig Club Icon cocktails, we have the perfect drink to satisfy every taste.

Clubman Cocktails

Simply delicious and easy to create Clubman & Colas.

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Signature whisky

Our selection of the finest whisky cocktails, made the old fashioned way.

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Classics With A Twist

Well loved cocktail classics given a modern Haig's Club twist to take each cocktail to a whole new level.

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Special Occasions

Get in the festive mood with each of our fabulous festive Haig Club cocktails.

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Cocktail Culture

Cocktail pioneers have made exotic drinks household names so you don't have to take a flight to satisfy your curious palette. From Negronis to Mojitos, the possibilities are endless. But whatever your spirit of choice, brush up on your bartending basics with the Haig Club Cocktail Guide.

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