The Haig Club Distillery: Cameronbridge


Haig Club is designed for a new generation of whisky drinkers and a modern whisky requires a 21st Century approach to distilling. As such, Cameronbridge (Haig Club’s home) has built upon its 200 years of distilling tradition to sit at the very forefront of technical expertise and skill.Recycling all the by-products from the distillation process (grain water and yeast) to produce enough power to run itself, Cameronbridge is the largest (and the first) grain distillery in Scotland, a shining goliath whose 750-ton grain silos and huge stainless-steel column stills rise proudly against a Scottish backdrop of traditional malt distilleries and copper pot stills.And just as you would expect from a distillery producing Scotch not just for Scotland but for the world, it never sleeps: working at a capacity of 136 million litres

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