Haig Club Partner David Beckham


Think of Haig Club and you think of David Beckham - not because of clever marketing or glossy advertising campaigns - but because David is a brand partner in every sense of the word. First, there's the passion and dedication to see the brand succeed. This is a genuine collaboration, and David has accumulated a few thousand air-miles circumnavigating the globe to attend Haig Club events and launches, talking to press, meeting fans and introducing the whisky to a new world of consumers.

Then there's the clear pride in a whisky brand he helped create in 2014. David drinks Haig Club. David's close friend's drink Haig Club and David's 50 million Instagram followers watch him sip his favourite whisky at everything from fashion launches to birthday parties to camping trips.

And finally, there's innovation. David constantly refreshes his image and Haig Club does the same: the brand has evolved, and its informal-yet-elegant approach is proof of our commitment to style and creativity in everything we do.

David, why did you decide to become a partner on Haig Club?

Over the years I've had brands come to me wanting me to be involved in certain things and I know whether it's right or wrong straight away. Meeting Diageo, as soon as they told me about Haig Club, the Haig family and the history behind the whisky with Haig, I was in. Once we sat down, discussed the project, and that I was becoming part of a family that had been around for 400 years, I didn't need to know anything else. I love the heritage so as soon as I knew about it, it was kind of a given that I was going to be involved. I've always wanted to be a whisky drinker, but being an athlete I've never got into that. I never drank too much over my career, which was 22 years. We've had a lot of fun, a lot of success so far, but most of all, it's great to be part of a family that's been around for so many years.


Haig Club is all about making your own rules and breaking the stereotypes associated with drinking Scotch, which I love.

David Beckham

Did you like the Haig Club bottle when you first saw it?

I love the bottle. Did I see it as a whisky bottle? Probably not at first glance but then after understanding the reasoning behind the colour of the bottle and the cap, and why we changed the bottle up so much from being a traditional brown or clear whisky bottle it became perfectly clear. I knew after a couple of hours that it was 100% the right way to go. I think a lot of people are kind of drawn to the fact that it's different, and people love it.

The Haig Club bottle has a unique style and design. How would you define style?

I've always defined style by the individual. Every person has their own particular style. Whether they come up with something different or whether they follow someone, it's all their own interpretation. There are certain people I respect in the style industry and those I get ideas from. I think that's what the majority of people do. I think that really resonates through what we're trying to create with Haig Club.

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