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Scotch n' Stormy

1 minute(s) to prepare Easy

A stylish but fun adaption of the Dark ‘n Stormy, Bermuda’s national cocktail. Clubman combines perfectly with quality cola, but isn't too cool for a cheeky dash of Roses. This highball cocktail is too fancy for pirates, arrr.


  • 25ml Haig Club Clubman
  • Premium or craft cola (Fever Tree, Fentiman's Curiosity, etc)
  • One dash of Roses Lime cordial
  • Lime peel
  • Alcohol content: 8 grams


  • Highball Glass
  • Jigger/measure
  • Peeler or knife
  • Chopping board

How To

Fill highball glass with desired amount of ice Measure out 25ml of Haig Club Clubman and pour over ice Add one dash of Roses Lime cordial Fill the glass with cola Garnish with a lime peel