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Haig Club Port Old Fashioned

3 minute(s) to prepare Easy

Sometimes you can improve on greatness. The port in the Haig Club Port Old Fashioned brings a rich depth of flavour which makes it a great post-meal digestif. Can't wait till after dinner? Serve alongside beef or duck for as surprisingly tasty pairing.


  • 60ml Haig Club
  • 10 ml Ruby Port
  • 2 dashes of original bitters
  • Alcohol content: 21 grams


  • Rocks Glass
  • Bar spoon
  • Jigger/measure
  • Peeler or Knife
  • Chopping board

How To

Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice and add all of the ingredients Stir until the desired dilution is reached Add a slice of lemon peel and a cherry to garnish