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Deconstructed Clubman and Cola

1 minute(s) to prepare Easy

The Haig Club Clubman and Cola is a whisky drink that’s perfect in its simplicity. This stripped down version allows the elements of the perfect serve to be enjoyed side by side rather than combined. Basically you’re serving a glass of cola and a glass of whisky and observe what people do with it. Deconstructed fun that can also be enjoyed with cherry cola or vanilla cola.


  • 25ml Haig Club Clubman
  • Cola
  • 1 Slice of lemon
  • Alcohol content: 8 grams


  • Highball Glass
  • Shot glass
  • Jigger/measure
  • Knife
  • Chopping board

How To

Fill highball glass with desired amount of ice and cola Measure out 25ml of Haig Club Clubman and fill it into the shot glass Position the slice of lemon on top of the shot glass